Monday, 24 August 2015

My Haiku Poem

My Reflection:
I have been learning to write a Haiku Poem. It was easy to do this activity because my friend was helping me. I found choosing the images tricky because it was hard to decide between all the images.  First I chose a season spring. Next I had to choose a season to write about. Next I need to do the first line the first line had to be 5 syllables the next line had to be 7 syllables and we went bake to the start with 5 syllables then the trike switched we had to chose the images I chose 4 realising ones and 2 cute ones. My next step is to do it by my safe and not to chose season and to chose 4 images.

Thursday, 6 August 2015

Term 3 Week 3

 This year in are class room 29/28 are doing something different to a normal classes, in most classes children are working with a teacher and in our class we have a set task sheet we learn with our friends and we also learn with teachers with are teacher and we have to do all our set tasks. The set tasks have some stars. The more the stars the more important it is to get that task done. I like this better then always listening to the teacher because then you have a better opportunity alive.